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Get extra rewards when you spend with the Iceland Bonus Card

Jasmine Birtles 16th Oct 2017 One Comment

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Get extra rewards when you spend with the Iceland Bonus Card

Savvy shoppers can make more money in the next fortnight (until 29 October) as Iceland is giving its Bonus Card holders an extra £1 for every £10 they load on the card.

Get in now and you can receive £1 for every £10 you load onto their card on top of the £1 you already get for loading up £20 – until 29th October


How the Iceland Bonus card works

Iceland Bonus Card Banner

The Iceland Bonus Card allows shoppers to load money to the card in order to spread the cost of special occasions, such as Christmas, and get excellent ‘bonuses’ from Iceland.

How the Standard Bonus Card Works

  • You load money onto your Bonus Card – in store or online – and you earn a £1 bonus for every £20 saved onto it.
  • The £1 bonus is added to your card automatically within 48 hours and does not have an expiry date.
  • You can load money onto your card by asking a cashier in the store. You can also load money by linking your card to your Iceland online shopping profile and loading online.
  • There is no minimum save value – you can round up transactions, adding loose change to your Bonus Card savings or load lump sums.
  • The maximum you can have saved on the Bonus Card is £1,000
  • You can check your card balance by asking a cashier in-store, checking the bottom of your till receipt or online here.

spending with your bonus card

  • You can spend in store with your Bonus Card by simply telling the cashier how much you would like to spend, or choose the option when you pay online when you have linked your card to your online shopping account
  • Bonus Card holders also receive special Iceland offers, a free product for their birthday and the opportunity to earn rewards and bonuses via specific Bonus Card campaigns throughout the year.


The special iceland offer from 16th-29th October

Iceland Christmas offer banner

Iceland have a special ‘Save for Christmas’ campaign for the Bonus Card which will give you extra money over a two week period.

It’s available on top of the already excellent rewards shoppers can get from the standard Bonus Card rewards – a £1 bonus for every £20 loaded on the card.

Card-holders can receive good money in the next two weeks in this way:

  • If a customer loads £20 of savings to their Bonus Card between 16th to 29th October, they will get a £3 bonus (that’s the usual £1 for every £20 loaded plus an extra £1 for each £10 loaded during the special two weeks)
  • Loading £20 twice a week every week during the offer – which is a total of £80 –gives you £12 cash

‘Save for Christmas’ rewards will be loaded onto your Bonus Card in one transaction by Thursday 2 November and will be valid until 2 November 2022.

To take part, you need to have a registered, permanent Bonus Card and you have to load money between 16th and 29th October 2017 to take advantage of the rewards.

Go here to learn more about how you can receive the extra £s for your early Christmas shopping with your Iceland Bonus Card!!


How to get an Iceland Bonus card and use it in store and online

Don’t have a Bonus Card already?

Not a problem.

Just pick up a temporary card in-store and register it online between 16th and 29th October 2017 and Iceland will extend the offer for extra time once your permanent card arrives in the post with all details explained in a welcome email.


For more information, please visit  and view the terms and conditions at http://iceland.co.uk/christmas-save/terms.

Iceland Bonus Card Infographic

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Pat glenton
Pat glenton
7 months ago

How do I claim my vip pass that I received at the till today it states it’s free but then wants to charge me

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