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Last minute Valentine’s Day savings!

Isobel Lawrance 11th Feb 2022 One Comment

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With two days to go until Valentine’s Day, starting your preparations now is the best way to create the most affordable and unforgettable experience ever! The big day falls on a Monday this year which is unfortunate, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the day special for your partner.

We have recently published some great articles with freebies available for Valentine’s Day and how to save on ‘Galentines’ – slang for Valentines with your ‘gals’. However, the advice below is brand new and will help provide fresh gift ideas and low cost treats for your loved one.


Making reservations

Planning a few weeks before Valentines Day is a good idea, as nobody has really started to think about it properly. It is the perfect time to make reservations for travel, accommodation and restaurants. However, as the big day is only mere days away now, that’s just something to keep in mind for next year!

If you want to save money, it may be worth arranging a dinner, show or fun pastime with your loved one for a different day. Have a cosy night in on the 14th, and book your dinner or event for a few days after the occasion.

You’ll find it far easier to get a booking, and you’ll avoid the hiked up prices. Remember, businesses take advantage of the fact people want to spend money on their loved one and boost prices. So it may be more affordable to do a belated Valentine’s, if neither you or your partner mind too much.

Popular restaurants in particular get booked up fast, and you may find yourself having no option but to book the most expensive restaurant in town. Delaying your celebrations by a few days may be a good idea if you think of it this way.


Take advantage of post-valentine’s sales

Valentine's Day flowers

Like with reservations, it may be beneficial to buy your gifts after the big day. On the 15th of February, the price of cards, chocolates, flowers and balloons decrease drastically. A lot of them even go into clearance!

In 2020, a savvy shopper managed to snag herself £100 of Valentine’s flowers for just £4 after her local supermarket reduced all their seasonal bouquets after the 14th had passed.

So, if both you and your partner are pinching the pennies and want to save money this year, why not make a deal to buy your gifts after the big day. You could save yourself a huge sum of money by waiting just one extra day!

You’ve got nothing to lose – and plenty of money to save! The thought is still there, and you can express your love to your partner, without the huge price tag.


homemade gifts

homemade Valentine's Day gift

Now don’t get us wrong. It can be fairly nice to receive a posh gift, presented in a beautiful box and wrapped in a bow. But being given something that has been thoughtfully crafted by your partner is intensely personal and can’t be topped. The love and effort that goes into a homemade gift is unmatched.

However, these things can take time, so you should get started on your crafted goods now to get ready for Monday.

There are a huge number of things you could make, including:

  • A handmade card
  • Love coupons
  • Cakes, biscuits and baked goodies
  • Handmade jewellery
  • A painting or drawing
  • A photo album of your favourite memories
  • A hand-written love note
  • A framed photo

…and more!


do something fun

have fun this Valentine's Day

There are plenty of last minute things you can do to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and most of them can be free or cost very little.

Instead of going to the cinema, where tickets can cost upwards of £10 per person – let’s not mention a £6 box of popcorn on top – why not stay in. Streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix and NowTV make it easier than ever to bring the cinema to your home.

Some streaming services offer a rental service. This means you can pay a few pounds to rent a new cinema release for 24 hours. Many even offer movies that are still being shown in cinemas!

So pop to the shop and get some of your favourite snacks (much cheaper than the extortionate prices at the theatres), snuggle up on the sofa and choose a film to watch. You will save plenty of money and you’re in the comfort of your own home!

Walking is a great way to spend time with your partner, without having to spend money! There are plenty of beautiful sites in the UK, and you’d be surprised at the amazing places available to you. You may have a wonderful place right on your doorstep that you aren’t even aware of.

A quick google search will show you nice walks near you. You don’t have to go to hiking trails or nature reserves to have fun, either. Local parks and beaches are lovely, particularly on a sunny day. Wrap up warm and have a stroll with your loved one!

Making a day memorable is hard in the modern world when everybody has so much going on. Doing something different from the usual dinner and drinks can make it even more special, and a day you look back on fondly. This can come in the form of an activity like a dance class or something similar.

Learning a new skill together can strengthen the bond between you. You may need to work together, which can be an extremely enriching and exciting process. Try to find something that isn’t too hard, but is fun and can be enjoyed by both of you. You may even go to a cocktail making class or take a cooking course together. Groupon and Wowcher can be wonderful to find affordable experiences such as these!


Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day, we hope you have fun!


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5 years ago

Great ideas for Valentine’s.

Jasmine Birtles

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Jasmine Birtles

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