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Save hundreds on your energy bills with these easy tweaks

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Where to Legally Watch Films For Free

Reading Time: 3 mins Can we even watch films for free? It’s well reported in ... read more

Get a new summer wardrobe on a budget

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Save money now: Stop buying these items!

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Shoestring Cottage: How to save money in the garden

Reading Time: 4 mins Welcome to the Frugal Column, where I aim to inspire you ... read more

Furniture Poverty and where to get free stuff

Reading Time: 3 mins Furniture poverty (which includes being unable to afford anything from beds ... read more

Shoestring Cottage: Our new frugal columnist

Reading Time: 4 mins Meet our new columnist Jane Berry, AKA Shoestring Jane from Shoestring ... read more

How to Save Money This Winter

Reading Time: 3 mins At MoneyMagpie, we know the importance of saving money, especially over ... read more

How to save on heating bills and in the home – Webinar Q&A

Reading Time: 8 mins We recently hosted a free webinar with Money Magpie founder and ... read more

Save £245 this Christmas with a Boundless membership!

Reading Time: 4 mins Boundless is a civil-service and public-sector membership club, providing those who ... read more

Insulation – save money and conserve energy

Reading Time: 10 mins With gas and electricity prices set to soar thanks to the ... read more

Why you must start stockpiling

Reading Time: 6 mins Missed your bus? Caught in the rain? Long day at work? ... read more

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