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Cost of living survey: 78% of readers have seen a decrease in their income

Reading Time: 7 mins On Friday 6th May, we produced a short cost of living ... read more

House swapping for a nearly free holiday

Reading Time: 9 mins If you’d like to go on holiday but can’t afford the ... read more

10 fab birthday freebies!

Reading Time: 6 mins Is your birthday coming up? Do you love freebies? Well, you’re ... read more

30 wise ways to save and make money in spring

Reading Time: 10 mins Let’s save and make money in spring! The sun is shining ... read more

Cheap Family Activities with Shoestring Jane

Reading Time: 4 mins Welcome to the Frugal Column, where I aim to inspire you ... read more

Bablands Column: Free Family Days Out this May

Reading Time: 3 mins Welcome back to our new monthly roundup of the best free ... read more

The No Spend Challenge: Does It Work?

Reading Time: 3 mins TikTok and Instagram often talk about “no spend challenges”. It is ... read more

Upset about rampant inflation? You can blame it on lockdowns

Today we were told that inflation is at a thirty-year high of 7%. No surprises to any Uk citizen who has to spend money ... read more

Free Places to Eat Out with Your Little Ones this Easter

Reading Time: 3 mins With Easter just around the corner, multiple restaurants are letting kids ... read more

Shoestring Cottage: Our new frugal columnist

Reading Time: 4 mins Meet our new columnist Jane Berry, AKA Shoestring Jane from Shoestring ... read more

10 Ideas For Mother’s Day

Reading Time: 3 mins On Sunday 27th March, it’s Mother’s Day so here at moneymagpie ... read more

Interest Rates Rise for the third time in months

Reading Time: 4 mins Interest rates rise. The Bank of England has announced raised interest ... read more

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