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12 rich celebs who live frugally

3rd Jan 2015

We’re all used to seeing A-listers living lavish lifestyles. But, not all of them blow their fortune on fast cars, grand properties and expensive nights out. In fact, some of the cleverer ones know how to keep hold of their cash by being wise with what they’ve got. Some of them live pretty much like…

Top 10 most popular dog breeds in the UK and the reasons we love them

15th Dec 2014

The Brits are a nation of animal lovers but it’s dogs with which we share an extra special bond. As we come up to Christmas you may be thinking about getting a new furry addition for your family. But before you do you need to think it through carefully. Rob Young, Head of Dog Rehoming at…

Invisible and unique Christmas gifts

10th Dec 2014

Are you getting tired of buying gifts for your loved ones that end up in the bin on boxing day? Well, why not go for something a little different this year? We at MoneyMagpie have found a fantastic range of ‘invisible gifts’! You can’t hold, wrap them up or put them under the tree but…

Don’t be fooled by these 10 sneaky Christmas cons

8th Dec 2014

If you’re on a tight budget this Christmas the last thing you want is to be conned by sneaky sale tactics and unnecessary charges so we’ve but together a list of the top ten sneaky cons you should be aware of this festive season. Can you guess what they are? Take a look below. Is…

Watch out for nasty telephone scams!

2nd Dec 2014

There has been a steep increase in nasty telephone scams over the last year which means you need to be extra careful not to be conned. Over the last 12 months, at least £23.9 million has been lost to Vishing (the fancy term for phone scams), which is a £7 million increase on the year before….

Stop paying for these 15 things you can get for free

24th Nov 2014

Discount vouchers, coupons and apps top the list of the nation’s favourite money saving tips, with half of UK adults using them to cut the cost of goods and services. But why cut costs when you can get things for FREE without paying a penny? Take a look at these 15 things that you should…

10 fines you don’t know about that could cost you £5,330!

30th Oct 2014

No-one likes getting a fine, particularly if the charge seems unfair or it’s for something you didn’t know you were doing wrong. That’s why we’ve complied this list of 10 fines you don’t know about that could cost you £5,330!   1. Not updating your driving licence (and photo) Did you know you’re required by…

4 ways to get cheaper broadband on the go

2nd Oct 2014

  If you’re not used to mobile broadband then you might imagine that it gives you painfully long loading times and constant disconnecting. But actually, mobile broadband is now really good and can even be better than the internet you have at home. Some people don’t even bother with home broadband now – they just go straight…

How to Get Out of Debt After the Summer

15th Sep 2014

When you’re struggling to pay interest on credit cards, loans or an overdraft – let alone paying off what you owe – it can seem like you’ll never get out of debt. Fortunately, there is a way out. If you follow these four easy steps, you can ditch the debt, and start living again. Step…

Luxury Christmas gifts for less

4th Dec 2013

Updated: 21 November 2013 Money’s tight for everyone this year, but we’ve worked out how you can have a luxury Christmas for less. Whether you’re after designer beauty products, posh jewellery for the Christmas party, or getting pampered like a celeb, we’ve been trawling the web for great deals without a hefty price tag.

Cheapest flights

23rd May 2013

Going on holiday has just got a whole lot more expensive thanks to a recent rise in Air Passenger Duty (APD). The latest blow to household budgets will see hundreds of pounds added to family travel costs. APD increased by 2.5% from 1 April 2013, making a 6% rise since 2001. A survey shows that 81% of…

More job scams

22nd May 2013

I’ve been hearing about yet more job scams posted on internet sites (particularly sites like Craigslist and Gumtree). Most of them sound too good to be true and that’s the first test of whether something is a con or not. Seriously, if they’re offering loads of cash for a really easy job and want to…