How to overcome long-term unemployment

Reading Time: 5 mins Being a victim of long term unemployment can make you lose confidence in yourself. The longer your unemployment continues the harder it seems to be to break out of. As the gap on your CV between jobs widens, it can make us even more desperate to find work. If you’re stuck in a job-seeking rut, … read more

5 ways to make money with your pet

Reading Time: 5 mins Have you ever looked at your pet and just wished they could contribute to the household income in one way or another? Let’s be honest, our dogs and cats have it made. We fuss them, feed them, and clean up after them. But having pets is expensive, all that pet food, vet visits, toys, accessories … read more

How to sell your gold

Reading Time: 8 mins Want to sell your gold? You don’t need to have solid bars of bullion lying around in order to make a profit, just items you no longer need that could be sold. There are companies out there who are more than happy to pay cash for your unused gold jewellery. They will even pay you for silver … read more

Best money-saving fashion websites

Reading Time: 5 mins Always on the hunt for a bargain? Good – we’ve put together a guide that’s packed with money-saving fashion websites to help you stay stylish on a budget. We’ll show you how to hunt down the latest sample sales, where to snap up fashion freebies, and where to find the best places for vintage bargains. … read more

Make money by selling your used tights online

Reading Time: 3 mins Used tights? You may wonder whether there’s perhaps a mistake in the title. We assure you there isn’t – you really can make money selling the tights and stockings you no longer need. Whether your job requires you to wear tights or you simply like wearing skirts and dresses in cold weather, you probably have … read more

How to make money sewing

Reading Time: 8 mins Enjoy spending your evenings crafting beautiful fabric creations? Well, why not use your sewing skills to make some extra cash? Not only will this allow you to practice and perfect your craft, but it could also be a great way to earn a living from home. Here are a few ways you can make money … read more

How to give generous gifts without spending loads

Reading Time: 5 mins We all have that one month in a year that is just impossibly full of important birthdays that require gifts. For many of us, it also happens to fall over the festive season, which means we have a double gifting load. Well, the good news is you don’t actually need to dig yourself into a … read more

Is freelancing for you?

Reading Time: 8 mins Being your own boss isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be, my friend. Yes, you can work from your cave in your comfiest Y-fronts and sandals, and you can take a matcha tea break at any time, but like any job, freelancing comes with pros and cons. Becoming a freelancer often appears tempting. A … read more

How to save money on almost anything

Reading Time: 5 mins With everything increasing in cost these days, spending less (or receiving more for your hard-earned money) can be challenging. Fortunately, there are many tricks you can use to claw back some cash and save money on almost anything! Claim student discounts even if you aren’t attending uni Build up rewards using Amazon Prime Receive all … read more

How to buy a used car and get the best price

Reading Time: 10 mins You have been asking us how to buy a used car and get the best price so here is our answer! If you buy a car new, you lose up to 20% of its value as soon as you drive away from the dealership. Basically, this means that if you are looking for a good … read more

Best money making websites

Reading Time: 7 mins Want to know the quickest, easiest, and most lucrative ways to earn some money with money making websites?  You’re not alone.  Our readers often ask us “How do I make money online?” Well, here’s our lowdown on how to make money online and the best websites for doing just that – plus tips to help … read more

Make money investing in whisky

Reading Time: 5 mins Do you know your bourbon from your scotch, your single malt from your blended? Investing in whisky is a relatively untapped investment opportunity; some sources suggest healthy returns even within the space of a year. Of course, with all investing there’s some risk. You’ll need to do your research and see what tends to sell … read more

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