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How to Set Up a Social Enterprise

28th Jul 2020

Have you ever wanted to start up your own business? Want to make a profitable living, but also have a desire to make the world a better place? If so, a social enterprise might be exactly what you’re looking for. Whilst the term ‘social enterprise’ is unknown to many, this fairly new business model is…

How to Make Money as a Digital Nomad

28th Jul 2020

If you’ve had a taste of remote working during lockdown and liked it, you might like to become a digital nomad. Travel the world and work remotely to earn money while you live in gorgeous locations! What Is a Digital Nomad? Types of Jobs That Suit Digital Nomads Picking Your Next Work Location Countries That…

How to Set Up a Website for Your Freelance Business

27th Jul 2020

If you’re a freelancer, or creating a business, there’s no other way around it – you need a website. It’s such a crucial tool that although having to learn to set up a website and manage it can seem off-putting, it’s an invaluable tool and will be time well spent. Why Do I Need a…

Six Ways to Make Money As a Musician (Even in a Pandemic)

27th Jul 2020

The dream for any artist is to be able to make a living from their passion alone, but this isn’t always easy. The music industry is notoriously hard, plus a global pandemic certainly hasn’t helped either. To make money as a musician you need to make sure you have a diversified stream of income. For…

5 Common Objections Freelancers Hear (And How to Overcome Them)

27th Jul 2020

There are a lot of things that you have to deal with as a freelancer. From payment to lack of trust and misunderstanding of the work trust you do, there can be a lot of unexpected hurdles that freelancers find themselves having to jump through.  Of course, if you can crack these issues you’ll be…

5 ways for mums to make money

26th Jul 2020

Our readers often ask us how they can make money whilst stuck at home with the kids or what type of jobs can be fitted around school hours. If you too would like to make some extra cash while looking after your little ones, we have some good news – there are loads of ways…

How to Set Up an Online Shop

20th Jul 2020

Got a great idea for an online shop, but not sure how to make it a reality? Want to start selling your arts and crafts online, but not sure about where to start?  Don’t worry – we’re here to help.  Whether you want to sell homemade greetings cards, large scale artwork, homemade jewellery or something…

How to Find Your Freelance Niche

20th Jul 2020

Freelancing is a greatly liberating career. It offers the convenient prospect of working from home, a great sense of flexibility, and the opportunity to pursue a line of work that truly interests you. A freelance niche means you get to specialise in a subject you love AND up your earning potential. However, there are upsides…

How to Sell Your Photos Online

17th Jul 2020

Would you like to sell your photos online and make some handy extra cash? You don’t have to be a professional to do it nowadays. Have you ever taken a photograph, uploaded it to a social networking site, and been surprised by just how many people comment on it? If so, it’s likely you could…

How to Choose a Mortgage Provider

14th Jul 2020

Choosing your mortgage provider is not a decision to be taken lightly. You’re tied into a mortgage for many years – often decades – so ensuring you’re getting a good deal without hidden costs is essential. Here’s the lowdown about choosing the most appropriate mortgage provider for you. Always use mortgage advisors Using independent mortgage…

Selling Your Property Without an Estate Agent

13th Jul 2020

Thinking of selling your property, but want to cut out the middle man? It’s definitely going to save you  money, but taking the decision to sell your property without an estate agent is a big one. There’s a lot you need to be aware of, and a lot that you’ll need to organise yourself.  Of…

Can I Transfer My Property Deed to My Child?

6th Jul 2020

If you’re a homeowner and you’re thinking about tax efficient inheritance for your child or children, it can be helpful to think about how your property deed is set up. This can be a sensible choice if you’re worried about a large inheritance tax bill further down the line, or if you want to get…