Free money: how to get your hands on it now!

Reading Time: 8 mins Free money. It doesn’t exist right? Wrong…well, you can get back money you didn’t know you had. That certainly exists. Millions of pounds-worth of it in fact! An easy way to make money is by looking for old accounts, lost pensions and missing assets. You might be surprised at what’s there for you. Plus, we’ve … read more

Stock and bond markets: what are they and how do they work?

Reading Time: 6 mins Here are all the basics you need to know about the stock and bond markets, including how they started and where to invest.

A complete beginner’s guide to alternative investments and art investing

Reading Time: 6 mins Here’s a complete beginner’s guide to alternative investments like art. Showing you other ways to invest outside of stocks, shares, and bonds.

How to build a diversified and profitable cryptocurrency portfolio

Reading Time: 6 mins Here’s how you can build yourself a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio to minimise your losses and maximise profits with your crypto holdings.

What is a brokerage account and why do you need one? A complete explanation for beginners

Reading Time: 6 mins Here’s a complete guide explaining what a brokerage account is, how they work, and tips for getting set up with an online stock broker.

How to make owning shares better for you and me

If you’re reading this articles you probably either own shares or are thinking of owning shares very soon. Good for you! At MoneyMagpie we are keen on everyone owning some shares, whether directly or within funds, and the easier and cheaper the process of buying and selling them can be, the better. However, once you … read more

ISA Usage and What Types of Investor Can really Benefit from an ISA

Reading Time: 5 mins ISA usage has grown in popularity recently, after losing customers when the Personal Savings Allowance was launched in 2016. After that tax break was introduced, ISA use dropped by 13% in a year. Finally, the number of ISA accounts opened has finally risen above pre-2016 levels as a total of 13m ISA accounts were opened … read more

Use of Cash ISAs is Dwindling and at an all time low

Reading Time: 5 mins Use of Cash ISAs is dwindling. Cash ISAs saw a record £7bn of outflows in the last six months of 2021, but interest rates on cash ISAs more than halved last year, to hit a low of 0.3% in December. The cost of living crunch has left people with less money to save, says Laura … read more

Should I set up a Junior ISA for my child?

Reading Time: 5 mins Should I set up a Junior ISA (JISA) for my child? The answer is probably yes. These long-term savings accounts mean you can put together some tax-free cash for your child. Whether it be for university fees, travelling or a down payment on a house – you’ll be setting them up well. They are also … read more

The ultimate ISA comparison guide

Reading Time: 7 mins ISAs (Individual Savings Accounts) were introduced as a way to encourage residents of the UK to save money and invest in their future. Here at MoneyMagpie, it is ISA Spotlight month. We are shining a light on ISAs and giving you all you need to know about them. There are five main ISAs currently available … read more

Spotlight: The ISA Roundup

Reading Time: 4 mins February is ISA Spotlight month, where we are bringing you everything you need to know about the different types of ISAs, what they mean and more. We have tips for ISA beginners and valuable advice for long term ISA account holders. Here’s a roundup of all the articles you need to become an ISA expert! … read more

Self-Select ISAs: Keep Your Investments in Your Hands!

Reading Time: 5 mins Interest rates are shockingly low. Your cash ISA may offer a measly 2% or so – IF you’re willing to lock your money away for a fixed term (and that doesn’t take into account inflation, either). Stocks and shares are the best way to generate an income and grow your wealth with a long-term strategy. … read more

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