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Nov 29

Fellowes’ Guide To De-cluttering Your Home

Victoria Atherstone 29th Nov 2016 No Comments

Ever feel like you’re drowning in too much ‘stuff’?

Thanks to busy lifestyles, it’s all too easy to let clutter build up around the home. Keeping on top of everything can almost feel like an impossible task.

De-cluttering Your Home

If it’s time to salvage your home from the chaos, Fellowes® – experts in all things organisation, are here to help you stay clear of the clutter – for good.

Having a clear out will not only make you feel liberated and ready to tackle anything and everything but you’ll also find things that you never knew you had.

Everything needs a home, but first things first – you need to decide what to keep, toss or donate. The biggest obstacle to getting rid of anything is having to make that choice.

Always consider the most lived in spaces within your home – whether that’s the office or the kitchen, these rooms often hoard the most clutter.

It’s important to prioritise what goes where. Be sure that your de-cluttering regime suits you, your home, family and lifestyle. There’s no ‘one fits all’ method to tackling a clutter catastrophe – order the things that you need the most in convenient and accessible places and be sure to keep essentials close by!

Whether you’re spring cleaning your entire home or just looking to make-over your home office, Fellowes has the answer.

A Sense of Order

Storing things in boxes, sorters and drawers contributes to a sense of visual order.

Stay in control and keep things in order with Bankers Box®. With its selection of storage solutions, from all-important file sorters for organising mail, home admin, work and more to stackable and easy-to-access storage boxes – Bankers Box® will help clear the clutter.

Ideal for keeping your home neat and tidy Bankers Box® offers quality and functional storage options available in all shapes and sizes for when you’re putting away the Christmas decorations, storing children’s toys and seasonal clothing or filing important papers.

Looking for more space to store your stuff? Make every inch work hard and minimise all unused space. Beneath the bed is a forgotten place and yet can offer a ton of flexible storage. Bankers Box® UnderBed storage solutions are designed to slot under standard beds. Featuring large windows, you can quickly view the contents without opening each box.

Storage doesn’t have to be visually dull – we say allow your storage to blend well with your living space and interior. Choose storage boxes that suit your décor and label them accordingly so organising them becomes less of a chore.

For further information on the full Bankers Box® product range, visit www.bankersbox.com

“If you’re overcome by mail, catalogues and general home admin, investing in a sleek deskside shredder for the home will keep the paper clutter at bay whilst reassuring you that anything confidential is fully disposed of.” Darryl Brunt, UK Sales & Marketing Director at Fellowes UK


Useful Storage and Organisational Solutions for Your Home and Office




Home Office Organisation  

They say a tidy desk equals a tidy mind.

When it comes to filing habits at work and at home we all favour doing it a certain way.

With more flexible home working, filing continues to be as important as it ever has been. 47 per cent of professionals declared that a combination of more storage and an improved filing system would better their organisation.

An efficient workstation needs to be organised. It’s all about prioritising.

Efficient filing is made easy with effective storage and shredding solutions. Fellowes® home office shredders are sleek and compact for quick and secure desk side shredding. Not only do they help reduce unwanted paperwork but they’ll help protect against prying eyes.

Passports, insurance documents, driving licences, bank statements – the list of paperwork and life admin that is stored within the home goes on.

To begin reducing the volume of confidential papers building up in your home, make a habit to shred everything you don’t need straight away.

The chances are that you won’t be able to fully eliminate all paper from your home, but you can certainly try and limit it.

The worry of destroying something and not being able to retrieve it has now been overcome as digital copies are now so readily accessible.

It’s important to consider what type of shredder is best suited to your needs. For the home, it needs to have effortless operation, a sizable waste bin, compact design and ultimately faultless performance – Fellowes shredders tick every box!

To choose a shredder that best suits your needs visit Fellowes

Fellowes also offers a range of home office ergonomics to provide comfort and overall enhanced wellbeing. Some 88 per cent of office workers believe they are creatures of habit when it comes to workplace behaviours.

Making just a few simple changes could have a significant impact on wellbeing, with foot rests, wrist supports and height adjustable desks cited as some of the ergonomic products that would help reduce work-related ailments.


For more top tips and inspiration on de-cluttering and home office solutions, visit Fellowes® or follow on social @FellowesUK and @Fellowes

Find out how to get involved in National Clear Your Clutter Day 2018

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Clear Your Clutter Campaign seen in
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