How to Get Involved with Clear Your Clutter Day


There are loads of ways to get involved with Clear Your Clutter Day 2017

Get ready to turn your junk into cash over the next two weeks in time for national Clear Your Clutter Day on Saturday 11th March!

Here are a few ideas to get you started! 

  • Competition prizes to win
  • Our FREE 14 Day Decluttering Challenge SIGN-UP HERE including daily tips, hints and encouragement
  • Transform Your Life by Clearing Your Clutter FREE eBook you can download now
  • Video tips to help you; declutter, organise, make money, help charities and getting free of burdens
  • Live Twitter Q&A surgery on Saturday 11th March between 1pm and 2pm, to ask your questions use hashtag #ClearYourClutter
  • Jasmine’s Facebook Live sessions every Tuesday at 6.30pm
  • Plus lots more fun ways to get involved – keep reading folks



Jasmine Birtles Send us your decluttering questions during our LIVE Q&A Twitter Surgery on Saturday 11th March (That’s Clear Your Clutter Day folks) between 1pm – 2pm

Get your questions answered by our very own decluttering expert Jasmine Birtles

To ask your questions use hashtag #ClearYourClutter

Jasmine will be ready to answer all of your decluttering dilemmas such as;

  • How to make money from your unwanted items
  • Upcycling and mending tricks
  • What to donate to charity and how
  • How to value your items
  • Where to start and how to tackle your decluttering
  • Plus anything else you think we can help you with to begin your decluttering journey

In fact, if you want to ask questions, share your progress or your decluttering ideas you can also do that now on Twitter in the run-up to Clear Your Clutter Day – Use the same hashtag #ClearYourClutter

  • Ask us questions
  • Upload pictures of items you want to sell
  • Upload pictures of your nightmare messy rooms that you want advice on
  • Or photos of your newly organised house

Remember to mention #ClearYourClutter or @ClearClutterDay so we don’t miss your tweets.

And then keep the decluttering habit going through the year, particularly during National Organising Week in November run by the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers.

2. The 14 Day De-Cluttering Challenge

Feeling overwhelmed by your clutter? Want to make some cash from your trash but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, help is at hand!

Your 14 Day Decluttering Challenge starts here.

Jasmine knows how hard it can be to break the back of clutter and mess, so has put together this special 14 day guide to help and encourage you along the way.

Clearing clutter can have a really good effect on your whole sense of well-being. It’s not just about having a tidy and ordered home, it’s also about getting on top of your life generally.

Want to get organised? Accept the challenge! Go on, we dare you! SIGN-UP HERE for your daily tips, hints and encouragement. The challenge officially starts on Wednesday 1st March – Good Luck!


3. Join OUR SOCIAL community, get help and encouragement

  • We publish all of our decluttering articles on Facebook and Twitter – So start following today!
  • Join National Clear Your Clutter Day on Facebook to get great ideas every day in the lead up to Clear Your Clutter Day on Saturday 11th March.
  • Also, follow us on Twitter @ClearClutterDay for our latest clutter free tips and competitions.
  • Jasmine is giving even more tips during her regular Facebook Live sessions (this time on our MoneyMagpie Facebook page) every Tuesday evening at 6.30pm. Join today so you’re ready to tune-in.


4. competition PRIZES TO WIN

Enter our next 7 Days of Competitions starting on Tuesday 7th March.

We have some treats for you, check out the fantastic prizes you could win below.

How to enter? Follow us on TwitterInstagram and/ or like our Facebook page to make sure you don’t miss our latest competitions for the chance to win some great prizes!

  • Day one – Win 1 of 10 funky vintage metal storage devices
  • Day two – Win a Roto-Caddy bundle worth £61.97
  • Day three – Win 1 of 2 eight-in-one multi-cookers worth £44.99
  • Day four – Win 1 of 5 copies of AVG PC TuneUp worth £14.99
  • Day five – Win a Bentley English Heritage Cleaning Caddy Set and Dustpan & Brush Set worth £34.98
  • Day six – Win a £25 Marks & Spencer gift voucher
  • Day seven – It’s a surprise!

If you haven’t done so already, you can find out about all of our competitions throughout the year by signing up to receive the MoneyMagpie newsletter – we have prizes to win EVERY week!


Caddy Set Storage Rotocaddy M&S vouchers






AVG VonShef






5. FREE eBook – Transform Your Life by Clearing Your Clutter

This year’s Clear Your Clutter Day eBook is ready to download now and again it’s completely free!

Would you like… More money, to feel less stressed, more free time, to be healthier?

Of course you would, who wouldn’t?! So download our jam-packed 10 step guide to clearing your clutter!

In this eBook you will learn how to:

  •   Organise your clutter
    •   Turn your trash into cash
    •   Tidy your financial clutter to get rich
    •   Clear your digital clutter
    •   Find peace by clearing your mental clutter
    •   Lose weight by decluttering
    •   Tidying and storage solutions
    •   Clear out your home for charity
    •   Celebrity decluttering tips
    •   Plus how to stay organised 365 days of the year!

So what are you waiting for?

Get ready to ‘Transform your life by clearing your clutter’ by downloading your FREE eBook today.


6. Make some money and boast about it!

Excited male student holding handfuls of cash
Have you managed to make some money by selling your stuff?

Tell us how much money you’ve made either by tweeting using hashtag #ClearYourClutter @ClearClutterDay or write a comment on our decluttering article “5 Ways to Make Money Selling Your Stuff

Time to get selling to make some extra cash.

Let’s see who can make the most!


7. Video Tips from the experts

We have teamed up with this year’s Clear Your Clutter Day expert partners to produce a bunch of really helpful ‘how to’ videos.

These insightful Clear Your Clutter Videos will give you advice across a number of decluttering dilemmas from simple storage solutions and organisational tips to clearing your financial clutter and what to donate to charity.

To learn the tricks of the trade from our experts, head over to our social channels – FacebookTwitter –  Instagram

This year’s amazing de-cluttering advice is being brought to you care of our fantastic expert partners; ExperianRelish Broadband Bankers Box by FellowesOxfamAssociation for Professional Declutterers & OrganisersGone for Good –  Action for Children.


CYCD 2017 Partners

8. Clear your own clutter and show us the ‘before and after’ photos!

Woman clearing out her wardrobe
The WHOLE POINT of Clear Your Clutter Day is to get everyone actually decluttering and having a happier life because of it, so we would LOVE to see how you’ve got on with this.

Go do some actual decluttering and take some photos.

  • Remember to take a photo of your cupboard or room before sorting it and then one after when you’ve finished
  • Anyone who tweets photos on Twitter (use hashtag #ClearYourCluuter) or posts photos on Instagram (tag us @ClearYourClutterDay)  will receive an eBook on how to declutter completely free.

DON’T FORGET to mention us on Twitter @ClearClutterDay or tag us on Instagram @ClearYourClutterDay when posting your photos, to make sure we see your marvelous work!


9. Raise money for charity and tell us about it

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure and if you give it to charity not only are you recycling and giving someone else a nice thing for cheap, you’re also making money for charity which is wonderful.

Tell us on Twitter mention @ClearClutterDay and use hashtag #ClearYourClutter about how many bags and boxes of stuff you’ve donated to the charity shop. It’s SUCH a good feeling!


Clear Your Clutter - Donate to OxfamClear Your Clutter - Donate to Oxfam










Clear Your Clutter - Donate to Oxfam




10. Show everyone what you have mended and upcycled

upcycled bedside table made from a crate
Have you upcycled some old clothes or nick-nacks around the house? Do they look amazing? Show us what you’ve done.

Take a picture and upload it to the Clear Your Clutter Day Facebook page.

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