Make money as a bed tester - get paid to sleep!

19 January 2018
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Wanted: Bed tester, must love sleeping. Apply within.

Is testing beds, while sleeping, something you would love to get paid to do? We took a look at the opportunities in this king-sized sector and so, if you’re interested in getting paid to sleep, here is what you need to know.

Know the sector: Huge availability of sleepers

Steps to landing the job: Reading, writing and Google alerts

What you need to know: Types of mattresses

What you need to know: The difference between firm and supportive

What you need to do next: Google, pitch and review

The competition is fierce

Comfortable woman sleeping in bed

When luxury bed specialists Simon Horn, makers of the Savior Beds for the Savoy Hotel, asked for participants for their month-long “sleep survey” in 2009, they received 600 applications within 48 hours.

And, when Drew Iwanicki answered NASA’s 2013 advertisement looking for participants to lie in bed for an uninterrupted 70 days, he was one of 25,000 applicants.

What to do:

First, understand the application process. Simon Horn was looking for someone who could help their sales team as well as their customers – the winner Roslin Madigan’s application stood out because of the quality of her writing. And that was what half the job was about – besides sleeping on top of designer mattresses, the winner needed to be articulate and interested in writing about their experience. The strength of Roslin’s cover letter clearly got her noticed.

Being able to write well is something that helps the ‘paid to sleep’ application process (and, frankly, any application process.)

If you need a refresher, check out these two articles:

How much can I make as a bed tester?

Woman relaxing happily in bed

Roslin took home £1,000 to sleep in luxury beds every day for a month. No wonder there was so much competition for the position. Keep reading for advice on how to land these king-sized gigs.

As of October 2021, luxury bed company Crafted Beds are currently accepting applications for a mattress tester.

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