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Investment Articles Round-Up

Lydia 17th Mar 2022 One Comment

Reading Time: 4 minutes

It is the start of our Spotlight on Investing month here at MoneyMagpie, so we’ve compiled an Investment Articles Round-Up to get you started. From the basics to different types of investing, this is a great place to start. So keep reading, we hope you enjoy our Investment Articles Round-Up.

The hottest commodities worth watching right now

The Basics

What Those Confusing Investing Terms Really Mean

If you are brand new to investing or just want a refresher – start here. We’ve covered all the jargon that surrounds investing in this article. You can get to know the difference between dividends and volatility, and all the other confusing terms.


Where to Invest in 2022

We are well into 2022 now so why not learn about where you should be investing this year. From cash to property to commodities, we’ve got the answers you’re looking for.  From CEO Jasmine’s tips to those of financial experts, this article will tell you where to put your money this year.


Three Easy Ways to Start Investing (When You Don’t Know How)

If you’re new to the investing game, then you’ll definitely want to check out this article. It talks you through 3 easy ways to get in the investing game! From stocks and Shares ISAs to the basics of cryptocurrency investing, you’ll find it easy to get started.

Quality vs quantity: Is your ICO listed on a quality ICO list?


How Not To Lose Money On Crypto and NFTs

CEO Jasmine Birtles recently held an Instagram Live with experts Boaz Shoshan and Gary Nuttall. They discussed how not to lose money on crypto and NFTs. You can read the summary here or head over to our YouTube to watch the whole thing!


Why Are You Buying Crypto? Do You Know What You’re Doing?

So, are you buying crypto but not really sure what you’re doing? Well, you should check out this article. It teaches you where to start when it comes to cryptocurrency and gives you some handy types to get started.



How to Invest In Commodities And Why You Should Right Now

So, you’ve got the basics down and now you’re looking at how to diversify your portfolio. Why not try your hand at investing in commodities. This article talks you through what commodities are, the different types and everything in between.

Gold and money metals

Investing in Gold and Other Money Metals

Read up on our podcast all about how to invest in gold and other money metals. CEO Jasmine Birtles was joined by Karina Hicks from The Royal Mint to discuss easy ways to invest in metals.

How to invest and grow your money


How To Make Money As An Angel Investor

We’ve all seen an episode of Dragon’s Den and wondered if we could be like them. Well, the answer is yes, we can. Read through this article to find out all about angel investing. From what it is to the possible risk, the full guide is here as well as an interview with an angel investor. Have a read and see if it is up your street.


Work Out What To Invest In Using the Factor Investing Strategy

If you want to learn about the Factor Investing Strategy then you should start here.  This in-depth guide will take you through everything you need to know step by step. You can learn all about it and see if this style of investing is for you.


How To Invest To Beat Inflation

In January, our founder, Jasmine Birtles, held a webinar about how to invest to beat inflation. You can read the summary or watch the full webinar on our YouTube channel.


You Can Beat Warren Buffett With One Of These Funds

We’re big fans of Warren Buffett here at MoneyMagpie, so we want to teach you how to be as good an investor as him. This article discusses which funds have beaten Buffett as well as how to beat him in your investments.

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2 years ago

Informative article.

Jasmine Birtles

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Jasmine Birtles

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