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How to make money from sporting events

Jasmine Birtles 18th Sep 2019 5 Comments

Reading Time: 8 minutes

Want to make money from sporting events in your area or anywhere in the world?

Whether it’s hundreds of pounds or thousands, there are better ways to make money from sporting events like Premier League football or Wimbledon tennis than gambling on them.

From seasonal jobs to rental ideas to selling to the punters, there’s plenty to earn you some quick money. Find out how right here!


Where to work to make money from sporting events 

There are lots of ways to make money from sporting events just by working at the event.

There’s bar work, stewarding, protection, hospitality and lots more.


Check out the brands that will be there

One really good way to make money from sporting events is to find out which advertising brands are supporting events. Once you know, you can get in contact with them and see if there’s any work you can do for them – maybe handing out leaflets, selling their products to spectators or simply helping them to advertise their brand.

Make sure you start looking for positions well in advance. Get started now if you’re aiming for a specific event in the next 12 months.

Here are some examples of sporting events jobs that you can get work at this year:


Football stadiums

You can make money from sporting events by working for your favourite football team. Though the season is coming to its end, it’ll guarantee you’re in early for the start of the next season in August.

  • A really useful website is Hospitality Staff, which has an extensive list of job vacancies in the hospitality sector.
  • Alternatively, if you go through a website like 247recruit you can see individual teams who are recruiting, like Chelsea, Leicester and Sheffield United. There are plenty of other grounds looking for staff all over the country as well.



How to make money from sporting events

Wimbledon is the ultimate tennis event for a lot of people and you can be a part of the action by working there. It only lasts two weeks (or three if you work the qualifying tournament as well) but the long hours you work throughout the tournament ensures you end up with a tidy sum.

There are loads of jobs available at the tournament – go to the website and find out what jobs need doing if you want to make money from sporting events.

  • Leisure Support Services provide the cleaning and court covering services and at Wimbledon. You can apply online at 247 Recruit for various positions.
  • G4S provide security services for the tournament (as well as many others throughout the country) and you can apply online.
Wimbledon is not the only tennis tournament in the UK.
  • The Queen’s Club hosts a popular pre-Wimbledon tournament in Hammersmith
  • Eastbourne hosts another SW19 warm-up
  • Nottingham hosts its own challenger tournament.



Here is a list of the main cricket grounds in England where both County and International cricket is played in the summer months.

  • The Oval is the home of Surrey and plays host to many England internationals. Cricket is obviously a summer sport, but there are various starting dates and you can earn money beginning at £10 an hour. The Oval usually host  Ashes Test matches, so 2019  is a great chance to be at a major event. Search for jobs at the Oval.
  • The Ageas Bowl, better known as The Rose Bowl, is a cricket ground in Southampton. Like the Oval, it hosts international cricket as well as being the ground of Hampshire. Find jobs at the Ageas Bowl.
  • Edgbaston, based in Birmingham, is an option for those based in the Midlands. Search for jobs at Edgbaston. You can earn competitive pay and there are a variety of start dates, from as soon as April throughout the summer to September.

If you still want to make money from sporting events and none of these are near you, try contacting your local cricket club and seeing if they have any hospitality vacancies.


Horse racing venues

How to make money from sporting events

Another way you can make money from sport is horse racing events throughout the year. Here are a couple we found that are looking for staff.

  • Bar and hospitality staff are often needed to work at Royal Ascot, Berkshire, and you should check online to see when they are hiring. . Pay is the going rate and 12-hour shifts are available.
  • It’s not just specific events you can apply for, you can also check out jobs at the racecourses themselves. Huntingdon Racecourse, in Cambridgeshire, and Newmarket Racecourse, in Suffolk, hold various events throughout the year and hire various staff. . You can check online to see when they are hiring.

Rugby union

Like football, the rugby union season is ending soon but there are still plenty of jobs available. Many of the stadiums have events going on throughout the summer so check out these below:

  • If you’re living in London, you may want to check out the Twickenham Stoop and Twickenham Stadium (who are recruiting right now), the home of Harlequins to see when they are recruiting.
  • The Millennium Stadium is the home of the Welsh rugby and football team, and hosts a number of other events too – such as live concerts. This is definitely worth checking out.
  • Like the Millennium Stadium in Wales, the Aviva Stadium in Ireland is home to the Ireland rugby team and the Republic of Ireland football team. This stadium hosts many other events too, so it’s another that will be very busy over the summer months.



As with the cricket and tennis, contact any local golf clubs to see if they need any help over the summer, you may find it easier to simply ask who provides the catering service at the club and then get in touch with them yourself.

Golf clubs are often places where you can work all year round, regardless of whether any major events are going on. Obviously the demand for golf may be slightly less in the winter months, but they’ll always need people to work as waiting staff in the clubhouse – there will probably be more people in the clubhouse on a rainy day in any case!

If you are keen on making money from sporting events, find the nearest golf clubs to you (England only).


Make money with your driveway

How to make money from sporting events

If you have a driveway, garage or private parking space that you don’t use you can rent it out and make money from any sporting events near you. It’s a brilliant way to make some money so contact Park Let or JustPark to advertise it.

If you live near Wimbledon, for example, or a football stadium, you can use either of these sites to let thousands of people know about your space and start making some money.

Many people who live in areas like this where there are occasional big events going on often simply park their car somewhere else for the duration because they know they can make so much money out of it.

Find out more ways to make and save money from renting.


Rent your whole house out

How to make money from sporting events

If you can afford to just move out and stay with friends – or go on holiday – it can be worth renting your whole house out for something like Wimbledon or an important test match. That’s an easy and lucrative way to make money from sporting events.

Use Airbnb.com for an easy and cheap way to do it. Alternatively contact one of the short let companies in your area, but make sure you do it well in advance (at least 3 months)

Want to know more? Read our article on making money from your postcode for more ways to use your home for extra cash.


Sell food and drink

How to make money from sporting events

A relatively easy way to make money from sporting events is to sell food and drink to the hungry punters either on their way to the game or on their way back.

The first thing you need to know is that it is illegal to trade on the street without a licence. So in order to make money from sporting events, you’ll need to contact your local council if you want to set up a food stall during the event. Ask to put through to the licensing department or street trading.

You need to apply for a temporary street trading licence. It might be an idea to contact the local police licensing department too, just to make sure you know about any legal issues.

Don’t be disheartened if the council rejects you – why not sell stuff on your driveway instead? If you live near an event, you can set up your own little stall on your property and sell to the spectators walking past. No one can stop you doing that (although the neighbours might complain).


Do promotional work

You know those people (often pretty women) who stand at the front handing out leaflets or they’re hanging around a sponsor’s stall trying to get you to be interested in the product?

They are working through a promotional agency. Anyone can do it. You need to have a friendly, outgoing personality and, ideally, look good, or at least smart.

There are a lot of promotional agencies around that can enable you to make money from sporting events. Just put ‘promotional agencies’ into your search bar and see which ones come up in your area.

It helps if you live in a city as there are more there, but if you can travel then just go for ones in the nearest city to you.

Pay varies depending on what you’re doing, which brand you’re doing it for, and what hours.


Invent your own sporting product

Yes, it sounds far-fetched but it’s possible to make money from sporting events just by seeing a gap in the market.

For example, a 14-year-old (yes 14) entrepreneur Taylor Rosenthal in 2016 turned down (yes TURNED DOWN) a $30 million bid for his company which produces vending machines for sporting events.

He got the idea when he went to sports events and found there was nowhere to get plasters and other first aid kits. So he came up with the idea of a vending machine where you could get basic equipment if you suddenly needed it.

So, if a 14-year-old can come up with that, what can you invent??


Get started with these websites


  • Hospitality Staff and 247 Recruit are job search engines where you can find part-time vacancies where you can make money from sporting events easily so check them out.
  • LOLA Staffing is a London based leading provider of hospitality staff.
    Their services include waiting staff, event managers, event hosts
    & hostesses and bar staff for every occasion. You can submit your CV online and they will get in touch if they’re interested.


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4 years ago

Some great ideas here. It’s made me really look forward to sport starting again!

4 years ago

Great ideas!
I would like to add one element that could help here.
Now professionals tend to look for more flexible jobs. So, you can try out working in promotional staff one, such us being part of an agency. Great for students, too.

4 years ago
Reply to  Clare

Great idea, Clare! Thanks 🙂

11 years ago

Just found that site eventsmarker. to add your Events and make money with them, looks good

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