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Make Money With Cashback Site Widilo

Moneymagpie Team 2nd Apr 2020 2 Comments

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Are you someone who does a lot of online shopping? If so you could be earning some rather lucrative rewards for just doing what you always do. Widilo is a platform that rewards online shoppers with cashback and promotional codes that they can use at their favourite online retailers.
Not only that, you can also build up reward points over time. These can be cashed in for even more rewards!
Read on to learn more.

Widilo is A reward cashback and promo code platform

With Widilo, you can find voucher codes and earn cashback at your favourite online stores. You can shop online all in one place through the platform itself. This is the best way to take advantage of what’s on offer.

That’s because the team at Widlio scour the internet every day to find the most up-to-date discount codes and promotions. This way their users will be first in line for these deals, and will even get notifications to alert them to what’s on offer. Never miss out on a bargain again!

Of course what’s on offer can change on a daily basis, depending on what retailers are offering. So be sure to check your Widilo account every day to snag those deals. You Widlio dashboard allows you to browse through many different online stores all in one place too, so you can keep an eye on other shops at the same time.

Think of it as one big online shopping mall where all the best deals are gathered for you in one place!


How does cashback work?

Let’s take a quick crash-course in how online cashback works.

When you shop online through a retailers website you’re choosing to go to them directly. But if you go through a cashback site like Widilo and make a purchase that way, the platform will track your purchase and give you back a percentage of what you’ve spent. Hence cashback!

It’s a system where everybody wins, the retailer sells their product or service, the platform earns a percentage and you get a great deal plus cashback! When compared to normal online shopping this is a total no-brainer!

The cashback you earn on every purchase varies, depending on the day, the retailer and the item in question. But as far as online shopping goes, it’s a much more cost-effective strategy. Also not everyone knows about it either. Most people still choose to go through a retailer directly, so you’re in the select few who are really reaping the rewards!

But remember, platforms like Widilo are growing in popularity – so don’t wait too long!


Earning Loyalty Points Through Widilo

On top of all the fantastic cashback, discount codes and promotions on offer, Widilo also lets you build up points as you shop. Once you’ve earned enough points, you can redeem them via the Widilo shop. They can be spend on gift cards and a range of other products.

So not only are you snagging all the bargains on offer by visiting the site each day, you also get the benefits of even more rewards! The more points you earn the greater the rewards. You can choose to save them up for bigger gifts in the Widilo Boutique, or earn 50 points and spend them straight away on whatever takes your fancy.

To benefit from this system you need activate cashback with with Widilo. Each time you do you’ll earn the precious points and can climb higher through the tier system.This is how you earn even better rewards! The system goes from Bronze all the way to Platinum. The higher you climb, the better the rewards and the more you’ll save.


What Brands Can I Take Advantage Of?

There are too many brands listed on Widilo for one article to list!  You can view the best trends here with the current top promotions at Widilo.

What’s on offer changes on a daily basis but it’s always useful to take note of the brands you like the most. It may save you a lot of money in the long run.

In all honesty you could do the vast majority of your online shopping through Widilo if you play your cards right. From clothes, electronics to garden furniture, there isn’t much they haven’t got covered. If you’re someone who spends a lot of money on shoes for example, you can then build up your rewards and make savings in other areas.

We hate spending money on appliances when they stop working. But we love buying clothes! So we have a great excuse to buy clothes when while we build up our rewards to spend on boring appliances. This is much more fun and cost effective in the long run than simply saving up in the traditional way.


Don’t forget about you Magpies!

Remember, MoneyMagpie also have a reward scheme. You can build up Magpies with us and use them on all sorts of awesome rewards. Read more about our MoneyMagpies and how it all works here.

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4 years ago

Good sites but the rates on offer can also be compared with other cashback sites. like Quidco etc.

4 years ago

Interesting, I hadn’t heard of the site before.

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