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A little while ago I moved into a private rented flat. I hadn’t been there long when it became obvious my landlady was, what people refer to as a rogue landlord. When I was given my tenancy agreement it said I hadn’t paid any deposit or rent in advance, she then told me I had to pay to be a month in advance, even though I already had. I paid as I felt I had no other option. It was a flat in a block of 26 and, over the months I saw many illegal evictions; violent ones ( men threatening young Mums with guns in front of their kid & flats being made uninhabitable so a tenant would have to leave). I couldn’t feel settled knowing that my turn would come, and it did. I was out visiting my Nan and when I got home everything I owned was gone & the locks had been changed. I wasn’t in any arrears and hadn’t been given any notice to leave. The council put me in emergency accommodation & a year later I’m happy in a lovely new home, but is there anything I can do to recoup some of my losses. Can I take it to a small claims court? If so, is there a time limit and does it cost anything? Can I sue for a breach of the tenancy agreement and for all my property that was stolen? The police weren’t very helpful at all, even though they know she does this all the time.

I hope someone here can point me in the right direction.