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Free money!

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    Hey, have you heard our latest podcast? It’s here if you want to listen to it – and I would if I were you because it tells you how to get actual free money.

    I’m a BIG fan of free money and I’ve always known that there were loads of amazing grants out there, if we only knew where to look.

    I used to see a huge directory of grants in the local library and just flicking through it showed that there were literally hundreds of charitable and other grants out there for ALL types of people. Now you can find out about them online through the Turn2Us website and on this podcast we find out about them from someone at Turn2Us.

    Seriously, there are grants for hairdressers, writers, people who live in East Anglia, plumbers, soldiers, vegetarians who live in South London and pretty much every combination of person you can think of. That money is out there and you might as well have it.

    Go have a listen and go get that free money!

    Oh, and have you had free money for anything? I’d like to know in order to add it to the list 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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