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Is crypto dead?

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    The last two years everyones been telling me I need to invest in crypto and I’ve held off because, frankly, I don’t fully understand the bloody thing.

    But I was just getting the appetite start of this year to look into it and it all seems to have gone quiet and, from what I can see, quite a few crypto currencies are much lower in value than they used to be.

    So is crypto dead? Or is now a good time to look into it?


    After the horror stories I’ve heard, I’m not sure I’d go near it

    Jasmine Birtles

    i don’t think crypto is dead – I think it’s taken a battering though. The latest hit was the FTX crash which has tainted all crypto coins and trading platforms. However, Bitcoin still has huge support and I think we will see it rise in popularity in the next year or two as fiat currencies gradually lose support.

    I think the vast majority of cryptocurrencies are not worth looking at but Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and a few other interesting ones are worth watching if not actually owning.

    However, gold and silver are even better currency alternatives so make sure you have a bit of those in some form if you can, I think.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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