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Masks compulsory on transport from June 15th

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    News has come out this week, from the government, that it will become mandatory for people to wear masks when taking any kind of public transport,  from June 15th.

    The BBC reported this as: “buses, trams, trains, coaches, aircraft and ferries” (

    Is it right for this to be legislation or is it common sense to be wearing one on public transport?

    You can also find a guide to making your own mask here:


    yes I think its sensible to wear them to protect everyone. making it law just makes sense. because there will be some stupid folks out there that don’t think to wear them to protect themselves let alone others.

    flouting and demonstrations and riots are evidence that people are already not thinking, as they are doing whats not meant to be yet. it will accelerate the spread not stop it. therefore if they cant control the public (or better yet the stars) with staying in sensible small groups, then why would you think they would be sensible to bother wearing masks without it being law?

    some people will always follow the rules, do the sensible thing, take everyone and everything into account. but there will also always be idiots that just don’t give a crap about anyone, will take risks or cause issues no matter what. but some will not think initially but if its law they will take notice as they don’t want fined or sick.

    if government showed a good example and the stars too, then maybe the public will follow suit.



    I was on a bus yesterday into my local town and while it’s regional, only 30% of people were wearing masks. If people are already abandoning the masks before they’re compulsory who knows what how many will suffer from on the spot fines. also how are they going to monitor who is wearing one anyway?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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