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How to Stop Going Broke (And Bored) During Coronavirus Self-Isolation

4th Mar 2020

We can’t ignore the rise in coronavirus warnings this week. But what does self-isolation actually mean for you – and your finances – and how can you prepare for it? The Government predicts that, during a COVID-19 pandemic peak, as many as one fifth of the UK workforce will be sick at the same time….

Save £100s with 52 money-saving tips for families

21st Feb 2020

Want to cut down on those un-fun monthly spends that it’s impossible to completely avoid? This handy list of money-saving tips for families will help you combat those soaring fuel, energy and food bills that seem to drain your bank account every month. Trimming the fat off of wasteful habits can really add up to…

Products to Save you Money: Slash your Laundry, Cleaning and Cooking costs

20th Feb 2020

Here’s our selection of the best products to save you money on your laundry, cleaning and cooking costs. There are lots of clever products out there and all at great prices. So read on to find out how to save energy and your money – from ovens that use 80% less energy, to eco-balls for your…

Lazy ways to save money on everything

9th Feb 2020

Saving money is important, we all know that. But it also just takes a lot of effort and hard work! However there are some lazy ways to save money. Are you looking for a work-around, a way to not cheat the system, but tip the scales to your favour, but without exerting too much effort?…

Be a savvy saver on your heating without switching!

8th Feb 2020

Since we want you to be a savvy saver, our main advice will always be to switch supplier and use comparison sites to save on your bills. But if you really can’t be bothered – and lots of you tell us you can’t – there are other ways to save money. Easy ways to be…

Can I afford a home? How to buy a cheap house

15th Jan 2020

Does such a thing as a cheap house even exist anymore? House prices continue to rise and mortgage lenders seem to have more demands on first-time buyers than ever. So, do cheap houses really exist – and if so, how can you afford one? Here are some alternative ways you can afford a home –…

50 ways to save money by being green

23rd Dec 2019

So you want to be green but feel you can’t afford it? Well that’s where you are wrong, you can actually SAVE money by being green! It’s easy and, sometimes, fun too. There are lots more green gadgets around now to make being green even easier too. Here are some easy tips and great gadgets…

21 brilliant ways to be poor

13th Nov 2019

Find out how to be poor. Don’t build up wealth. Don’t have a rich retirement. Make sure you are poor and anxious for the rest of your life. Here are great ways to do that!

Smart spending: how to avoid false economies

19th Mar 2019

You know what it’s like when you’re trying to do smart spending, saving money here and there, but you find that some of your decisions have meant you’ve made false economies? Maybe you’ve gone for a cheap iron and found that it just didn’t do the job properly. Or you bought a cheap air ticket…

Why you deserve to be poor

8th Mar 2019

Listen up maggots, I’m the Drill Sergeant Magpie and I’m not like the other Money Magpies. I’m not gonna mollycoddle you, I’m not gonna tell you ‘everything is okay’, I’m gonna tell you how it is – you deserve to be poor! Now you’re probably thinking ‘but I don’t get paid enough’, or ‘my bills…

Best Deal In Dragons’ Den History… And It Can Save You £££s

21st Aug 2018

Appearing on BBC Two’s hit show, Dragons’ Den, two best friends from university pitched their idea for a service that automatically switches your energy deal to ensure you’re always on the best deal. All five Dragons made an offer to invest in their company with Peter Jones stating “I think you’ve got a real chance…

How to deal with debt with a long-term illness

27th Nov 2017

Are you facing debt with a long-term illness and wondering how you’ll manage your money? Ongoing health issues often mean you end up dealing with unpredictable expenses like travelling to appointments, hospital parking, and prescription charges. It can be challenging both mentally and physically, and can lead to more stress when you’re already feeling the…