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Use a Prepaid Travel Money Card to stick to your Budget on Holiday

22nd Jun 2023

Use Prepaid Travel Money Cards to stick to your Budget on Holiday

Stop! Don’t buy that insurance policy. You might be covered already…for free

23rd May 2023

Could you have insurance policies you don’t know about? Keeping track of savings, investments and insurance policies is getting increasingly difficult thanks to digitalisation and companies going “paperless”.  The big financial institutions are holding billions of pounds in old accounts that customers have forgotten about. This is especially true of banks, building societies and pension…

Reader’s Story: An easy way to save every day

11th May 2023

Reader’s Story: An easy way to save a little every day

Get FREE food in M&S

10th May 2023

Get FREE food in M&S  Did you know, you can get free food at M&S? You may already have a Sparks card – the stores loyalty card – but do you know all the benefits of being a member?  As with other loyalty schemes, the supermarket uses your spending habits to give you offers relevant…

SURVEY: 57% of readers unsure where their pension pot is invested

24th Apr 2023

57% of readers unsure where their pension pot is invested. We recently conducted a reader survey on social media, in which we asked our followers about their pensions. We asked people about their workplace and private pensions, as well as where their pensions are invested, and their pension providers.  We conducted a reader survey previously…

Get paid to eat on camera: The world of mukbanging

24th Apr 2023

Mukbanging: Is it as dirty as it sounds? Well, it depends on how messy of an eater you are. Mukbanging is a YouTube trend that started around 2010 and has picked up in popularity in recent years. So, what is it all about and why should you try to make some money from it?  …

Get £1200 added to your savings with Help To Save

27th Mar 2023

 As the cost of living crisis continues, Help to Save could help Brits to get an extra £1200 added to their savings by the government over the next four years.   In light of the extension of the Help to Save scheme, personal finance expert Lucinda O’Brien has given her insights into what this means for…

Reader’s Story: How to save money on toilet paper

21st Mar 2023

Following on from last week’s story from Lisette, this week we’d like to introduce you to Helen from Dorset who has an ingenious way of saving money on toilet paper.

Reader’s Story: How I make money from magazines and competitions

15th Mar 2023

Recently we did a call out offering MoneyMagpie readers the fun chance to earn a bit of extra cash. To launch our series we begin with one reader who makes a little extra money by entering competitions as well as writing letters, sending photos and tips to magazines. (And she’s getting £25 for this story…

6 ways to make money reading

27th Feb 2023

Make money reading. Are you a true bookworm? If reading is a passion of yours, it may be worth considering the ways you can make money from reading. Who doesn’t want to earn money from something they love?  There are more ways to earn money from reading than you may think. From proofreading and editing…

Get Paid £25 For Your Story!

6th Feb 2023

Get paid for your story! We are always on the look-out for real life stories. So right now we’re offering YOU the chance to share your story with our readers and get paid £25 for the privilege. We are looking for Unusual and proven ways you have made money. (Keep it clean please kids). Fun…

10 ideas for couples to make money together

26th Jan 2023

Want to save up for a holiday, a big party, or even a major life goal like a house deposit? Making money as a couple can be a fun way to spend time together whilst working toward a mutual goal. We’ve compiled a few ideas for couples to make money together. While many of these…