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Affordable Ways to Keep my Home Safe

Vicky Parry 31st Oct 2023 No Comments

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This post is sponsored by Lorex
In 2022/2023 there were 191,490 domestic burglaries reported in England and Wales. That’s an average of 525 burglaries a day – a house being burgled every 165 seconds! This statistic isn’t to scare you, it is to remind us about the importance of home security – something that is no longer just for the super rich! Companies like Lorex are breaking through the domestic surveillance market and making CCTV on our homes an available and easy to use option. It is high time we felt safe in our homes.
We break down some simple and affordable steps to take to keep your home safe.

Expert tips to keeping a safe home

Home security on a budget

  • Make your home secure: An insurer should recognise that you take care of your property and try and prevent burglary. By installing burglar alarms, CCTV cameras, security lights and having quality locks on the doors they will see you are doing your upmost to deter burglars.

  • Keep your keys in a safe place: People often leave car keys right by the door, so if you are even in your garden, these are one of the easiest things to grab in a rush. Break this habit and don’t keep your keys in an obvious place like in your door, under a flower pot or doormat.
  • Install proper home surveillance: Often we are asked to provide evidence of a break-in or trespasser. Therefore having cameras set-up and proper CCTV we will feel fully equipped to report any break-in. It will also help us see people approach before they get as far as actually breaking into your property. It is both preventative and supportive.
  • Don’t forget about your garden: If you store your bike or gardening equipment outside or in the shed then make sure this is equally as protected as your home. Put curtains in the garage window, add extra locks and make sure that any surveillance system covers them.

  • Always lock your doors and sheds: Don’t make it too easy for them. Burglars don’t need to ‘break in’ if they have an unlocked door to walk through. Always lock your doors and windows, even if you’re only nipping out. Also if you are in your garden and your front door is unlocked, make sure you lock it.

  • Hide your valuables:  Research where most people keep their valuables and do the opposite.

Proof of Burglary

According to law: Section 9 of the 1968 Act creates two offences that both require proof that the defendant entered any building or part of building as a trespasser. There must also be an additional element concerning the intention or the actions of the defendant whilst in the building or part of. Therefore in order to prosecute for a domestic burglary, evidence will be required. CCTV is a perfect way to record any break-ins.

Good Home Security Make Insurance Cheaper

Did you know if your area has a high crime rate, your home and contents insurance premium could be higher? Did you also know that insurers often ask about your levels of security? Therefore do your absolute utmost to prove that you have tried to make your home as secure as possible. This should keep your insurance premium lower.

Security Options

Home security cameras are surveillance devices that are often part of a larger security system showing us what is happening on and around our properties. They may be placed indoors or outdoors, and you can monitor footage whether you are at home or away. Some allow you to record continuously; others are triggered by motion or infrared detection. Almost all provide real-time monitoring options, but many also feature video recording for later playback.

Some people consider security cameras a luxury, but we beg to differ. If you’re serious about home security, security cameras are a necessity. While they were traditionally used for the purpose of surveillance, newer models have since gained advanced features that can do so much more. For instance, there are cameras now that can let you know when a package arrives at your doorstep or when a person is seen sneaking around your backyard.

However, setting up a security system and camera can feel daunting and out of your budget. Security.org named Lorex the simplest to use and with systems starting at £40, they may well also be within budget.

MoneyMagpie’s Top CCTV Systems

The Best Budget Option


At only £129.99 the Lorex 2K Pan-Tilt Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Camera can work inside or outside. Placed in a prominent place (like a door or window) this is an incredible start to your home security system. The fact that it pans and tilts means that it covers every angle and can eliminate any blind spots with the camera’s vertical and horizontal rotation. Digitally zoom in or out to see every detail near and far. Easily install on a ceiling, wall, or pole with the versatile mounting bracket to get the perfect view. Featuring a weatherproof rating of IP66, this camera can withstand temperature variations across all seasons.

Best Under £50


The Lorex 2K Pan-Tilt Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera is currently on offer at a very affordable £43.99. The camera is compact and lightweight, giving you the benefits of a flexible placement option and easy installation. The Pan and Tilt feature allows you to view an entire room with just one camera, while the Privacy Mode ensures that the camera lens is hidden. There are no monthly fees and it’s pan and tilt options and motion detectors are a great way to feel that your home is safe. These also work well as a pet camera.

The Best Package for Full Coverage

Lorex Fusion 4K 8-Channel 2TB NVR CCTV Wired System with Dome Cameras Featuring Listen-In Audio comes in at £499 for the four camera option, £649 for the six camera option and £799 for eight. This allows you to combine the reliability and performance of the included 4K IP Security Cameras with the versatility and convenience of Smart Home Wi-Fi Cameras, Video Doorbells, and Floodlights to create a tailored security system perfect for your property. At the core of this camera is an 8MP image sensor. 8MP means there are more than 8 million pixels, which results in exceptionally sharp 4K video, realistic colour representation, and superior digital zoom capabilities. This makes it absolute leads ahead for identifying faces.  You can view the cameras from your phone wherever you are in the world and can feel your home is safe.

Amazing discounts

To make things even more affordable, Lorex are offering 5% off all orders this year.
Simply use the code LRXUK5 to get your discount.
So if you want to secure your house, get shopping at Lorex now.
Disclaimer: MoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor and therefore information found here including opinions, commentary, suggestions or strategies are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only. This should not be considered as financial advice. Anyone thinking of investing should conduct their own due diligence.
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