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Get Professional Drying at Home with Haier’s Smart and Efficient Dryer

Vicky Parry 25th Mar 2024 No Comments

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It took me years to get a dryer. I seemed to be living at our launderette: something I hadn’t done since my student days. My mother-in-law visited and suggested we get the same one as her. It changed our lives.

The dryer we purchased was Haier’s incredible I-PRO Series 7 Plus Tumble Dryer.

This tumble dryer which is A+++ rated, boasts incredible advanced technologies and knows how to enhance your drying, leaving clothes smelling fresh, perfectly clean and dry and even prolonging their life.

It has something called “I-Refresh function” and this works by magically adjusting the temperature and the duration of each cycle according to the type of fabric, allowing you to obtain perfectly dry and clean laundry.

The Hygienic Program ensures a longer and better life for your clothing by eliminating more than 99% of bacteria from garments. Plus, with the 3-in-1 filter, performances are maintained at the highest level at every cycle, since lint and fibres are gathered together and not allowed to fluctuate inside the drum.

Gold Standard Energy Saving

We’re all aware that energy costs have gone through the roof in recent years, so I was pleased to find out that the I-PRO Series 7 Plus Dryer could save us up to £6,185* over its lifetime thanks to the smart technology making sure each cycle is efficient for whatever it is drying. Not only do you save money with the smart cycles, you’re saving the environment every time you dry, too. No more leaving the dryer running needlessly for hours on end, wasting cash and electricity.

Benefits of Smart Drying

Smart drying comes with a bunch more benefits than cash savings, too. The hOn app lets you check the machine from wherever you are – even when you’re away from home. You’ll never forget your laundry either, as it’ll send a notification when the cycle is finished.

Extending the lifetime of your appliances is another important way to save money, and the programmed maintenance updates and reminders can help you stay on top of essential maintenance to keep your dryer in tip-top condition.

The smart aspect of drying is my favourite bit of the whole appliance: it’ll give you suggestions for the perfect setting for each load, making sure you’re not accidentally shrinking your smalls or putting on a cycle that’s hours longer than it needs to be.

For the tech lovers out there, you can even use the app to get real-time energy consumption data as well as track your usage habits. Why is this cool? Because it means you can look at how you use your dryer and discover ways to be even more efficient – do you run loads of half-loads, for example? Combine into fewer each week and you’re saving on energy consumption and chores in one fell swoop!

Haier, the number one global appliance brand for the past 15 consecutive years, is at the forefront of providing solutions for the smart home. In drying, the Haier series of tumble dryers were created to deliver professional-level laundry results in the comfort of your own home. Each one of its features has been designed to improve performance, while at the same time reducing noise and energy consumption, saving you time and even allowing you to fine tune the duration of your drying cycles.

Check out Haier’s complete range of tumble dryers. Here you’ll see the energy efficiency rating of each one along with their savings and how they can contribute to your not only your home  but the way you do your household tasks.

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