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was Dominic Cummings right to do what he did

Home Messageboards Work and HR Forum was Dominic Cummings right to do what he did

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    Hate reading the news currently but I am so mad at dominic cummings. i’ve had to sacrifice seeing my elderly parents and stayed at home so i could protect everyone around me, and i’m confused at his excuses. it doesn’t seem morally fair for him to leave, and with the dates coinciding with his wife’s birthday i feel conflicted. what does everyone else think?


    I agree with you Magda, he needs to go!

    Had he of come out when the story had first broken and made an apology, I think we would all have moved on. Instead, he tried to sit it out and then, when he couldn’t sit it out any longer, made a long-speech where he remained remorseless and oblivious to people’s anger.

    But, far worse than Cummings, is this pathetic government bending over backwards to protect him – to the point that Gove won’t bring himself to say it is dangerous to drive a car to test your eyesight – and endangering the public health message. It truly is shameful, and I hope we all remember this next time we’re at the ballot box!


    I know what he did was wrong, and I understand the anger, but he did it to protect his family. He made a mistake, Boris won’t get rid of him, so we need to move on.

    As always, the media have made this into a witch hunt, when they should be focusing on more important things.


    As always, the media have made this into a witch hunt, when they should be focusing on more important things.

    What you call a witch hunt, I see as holding to account!


    What you call a witch hunt, I see as holding to account!


    Well, let’s agree to differ. Nothing we can say will change things. I’m sure we can both agree that moving forward and getting this virus under control is the best thing to focus on 🙂


    its terrible what he did, like everyone else we have sacrificed everything, he is taking liberties that we the public don’t have.

    im terminally ill so no one not even my carers have been allowed into me, im holding on by a thread, with my terrible mental state and loneliness. things were bad with my house before this now worse, and no way of help. iv given up medical attention ive needed to try keep me and everyone safe. I haven’t seen my dying aunty because of this either, neither has my dad its his sister. my brother isn’t even allowed to visit or make me food.

    he is breaking the rules, which means since no punishment people will follow, they wont care they wont listen to the rules. and we will be at square one or worse. whats more important , life, keeping as many with life as possible.

    anyone else would of been fined or jailed if it had been public folks like us. but as usual the famous and rich get away with everything. its so stupid we should all be treated the same.

    theres pregnant women feeling ill looking after many children on their own right now, surely he can muster looking after 1 kid. instead of endangering everyones lives. surely if hes that sick that he cant look after the kid, he cant travel, and a neighbour would of looked after the kid. iv been at deaths door and looked after kids that aren’t mine till their family came back 3 weeks later, If I can do it he can do it.


    He was totally wrong and the arrogant way that he tried to justify it was unacceptable. The way the Prime Minister has behaved towards this shows who is really running the country and it certainly isn’t him.


    Dominic , the ultimate party pooper. Just when we all thought we were almost getting ready to relax and celebrate ( even if it was months away,) as a result of his selfishness and pig ignorance for the rest of England, the ‘followers’ of this mad Pied Piper have decided to trigger an almost certain second wave of doom!

    Here’s to a Scrooge filled not so merry Christmas then . Cheers!


    I have less of a problem with Dominic Cummings travelling to his parents home since he has said he did not stop on the way and did not stay with his parents but self-isolated in a separate building. BUT I do have issues with his return to London. There was no reason why he couldn’t stay where he was and give his advice online. The rest of the country has had to do that. Why did he need to return? If he’d stayed where he was then the trip to Barnard Castle would also have been unnecessary. The honourable thing would be to admit he made a mistake not try to justify it. It’s not in the national interest for advice to be undermined in such a manner. He should go.


    yes sick of hearing about cummings but others an snp and labour members broke the lockdown not mutch said about them,yes he gave a poor excuse  and as an adviser could have come up with a better one than he did ,i cant see why his wife did not drive as she can,but its all political now and nothing said about the others,others normal people have got fines doing what he did and thats it nothing said just because  he works for the government the media have to pick through every little detail and its boaring.,if i had a car i would do the same,if you look at other leaders and mps what they have done in the past robbing the tax payer and getting away with it is worse than traveling in a car.


    He was most definitely not right and others who did something similar were fined!  There really seems to be a different rule for Boris’ cronies which is totally wrong.  He should have been fired and it does not help Boris’ image that he refuses to do so.


    Rasputin Cummings was thinking of his child when he travelled across the country, possibly infecting hundreds of people including his parents and not bothering to inform his boss – the Boris.

    Why is that a lie?  Because he didn’t give a fig about the child’s safety when he put him in the car to test if he, Devoted Daddy, could see well enough to drive.

    If that’s what happened.  Or is that another lie?

    Just suppose he had to rely on public transport.  He couldn’t have gone, so would have had to think of an alternative.  It was up to him to use that alternative in the first place.  And if he’s the best adviser the PM has, he should be sacked anyway after the shambolic way the government has acted throughout the Covid-19 crisis.


    I don’t think it was right what he did and I don’t think the government have done the right thing by making excuses for him. He should have been sacked or resigned. But Im not dwelling on it like some people are doing. Life’s too short as it is.


    Agree he was completely out of order, especially given the back up cover ups, and as someone who framed he government’s policies. However, do also agree this is a witch hunt, not the same coverage of Corbyn deliberately moving the chairs in a cafe so he and his group could sit close together in the early stages. Same little coverage of the deputy Mayor of Liverpool’s 50ieth  birthday party in her garden.. but she resigned immediately. Just feel that actually the press is out of control.


    I think the whole Dominic Cummings issue is steered by the press, to get rid of him because he wouldn’t playball during the last election  and the press take that very personally. The whole thing is ridiculous as we have much more important issues to worry about

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