Become a personal trainer and make money exercising

Reading Time: 7 mins Thrive on a good workout? Then you could help others with their exercise regime if you become a personal trainer. There’s good money to be made out of it too. But, if you’re looking to exercise, but don’t want personal training, this article may be able to help. What’s involved? How do I qualify to become … read more

44 ways to make extra money

Reading Time: 19 mins Looking for easy ways to make money on the side? We’ve got lots of ways to make extra money online and offline. Some are easier than others but we’re always finding new ways so keep checking back! If you’re not already a subscriber, sign up for our free weekly newsletter to get the latest updates … read more

How to Stop Going Broke (And Bored) During Coronavirus Self-Isolation

Reading Time: 13 mins We can’t ignore the rise in coronavirus warnings this week. But what does self-isolation actually mean for you – and your finances – and how can you prepare for it? The Government predicts that, during a COVID-19 pandemic peak, as many as one fifth of the UK workforce will be sick at the same time. … read more

How to deal with creditors

Reading Time: 6 mins When you’re in debt, it can be tough to deal with creditors threatening to bankrupt you or send the bailiffs round. A lot of people turn to debt management companies just to ‘make the hassling people go away’. But why pay money to do something that you can do for free? Here’s the easy guide … read more

Making money from Indian head massage

Reading Time: 5 mins Being on the receiving end of a massage is like being given a gift – especially an Indian head massage. The soothing, rhythmic strokes of a massage can heal, energise and relax the body almost immediately. Knowing how to use your hands in massage is a skill you can use to offer comfort to those … read more

Pay off your mortgage early

Reading Time: 7 mins These days, you pay more for debt than you earn in savings. Getting out of the red should be the first target of any savings and investment plan. So, why not apply that thinking by planning to pay off your mortgage early? Mortgages can be such huge, long-term debts that it can be hard to … read more

Your rights with guarantees and Warranties – what you need to know

Reading Time: 8 mins Buying new products can be fraught with choices. Aside from choosing which makes, prices or colours you want, you have to decide if you want the guarantees and warranties offered. So here’s our guide to the world of guarantees, warranties and your existing consumer rights if you buy a faulty product. What’s the difference between a guarantee, … read more

5 ways to make money with your pet

Reading Time: 5 mins Have you ever looked at your pet and just wished they could contribute to the household income in one way or another? Let’s be honest, our dogs and cats have it made. We fuss them, feed them, and clean up after them. But having pets is expensive, all that pet food, vet visits, toys, accessories … read more

Stakeholder pensions – simple, cheap and worth having

Reading Time: 5 mins Stakeholder pensions are cheap, easy, and upfront about what they invest in. Anyone can have one, and you can make regular contributions or just put in what you can afford each month. For anyone who has ever worried that pensions are too complicated – they were designed to be your solution.   What is a … read more

Alternatives to owning a car

Reading Time: 7 mins Running and owning a car is quickly becoming un-affordable for lots of people. If you add up the costs of breakdown cover, insurance, servicing and maintaining a car, you’ll see how much of a dent in your wallet it makes. And with the rising cost of living taking its toll we need to make savings … read more

9 great ways to make money from your living room and bedroom

Reading Time: 10 mins As the colder weather sets in, there’s the temptation to begin a hibernation process in your living room. It’s all well and good if you have a trust fund, but that’s not the case for most of us. Earning usually means leaving the house… unless you try one of our top tips to make cash … read more

How kids can make money

Reading Time: 12 mins Want to keep your kids entertained this summer without spending a penny? Help them get a summer job! Kids can make money in all sorts of ways. You’ll need to use your own judgement in assessing how mature your child is and how ready they are to take on the responsibility. Young children shouldn’t be … read more

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