50 ways to save money by being green

Reading Time: 11 mins So you want to be green but feel you can’t afford it? Well that’s where you are wrong, you can actually SAVE money by being green! It’s easy and, sometimes, fun too. There are lots more green gadgets around now to make being green even easier too. Here are some easy tips and great gadgets … read more

Stock market chaos: how it affects your pension

Reading Time: 6 mins Pension annuities offer a guaranteed income for the rest of your life – but did you know the stock market can affect whether you’ll get a great (or terrible) rate? If you buy at the wrong time, your retirement income could be significantly lower every year. So, how does the stock market affect pensions – … read more

Pension pot of £100,000 – what are your options?

Reading Time: 7 mins A pension pot of around £100,000 offers a wide choice for your pension income options. Add to that the freedom of choice for annuities (thanks to the 2015 pension reforms) and you’ve got a lot to think about! Annuity rates aren’t fantastic at the moment – and haven’t been for a while. With economic and … read more

How to decide what to do with your pension pot

Reading Time: 7 mins If you’re coming up to the age of 55, it’s about time to start thinking about what you want to do with the money from your pension pot. But should you delay your pension or take it right away? If you take it, what’s the best way? Assessing your options gets overwhelming and confusing for … read more

Retiring abroad – Your state pension

Reading Time: 5 mins Whether you’re tired of the UK’s political climate or simply fancy living in a warmer, sunnier place, retiring abroad is an option for many. But what does being an ex-pat mean for your pension and taxes? If you’re wondering whether you can still claim your State Pension, how your lump-sum payments will work, and what … read more

Auto-enrolment: what it means for you

Reading Time: 7 mins Auto-enrolment is designed to encourage everyone in work to save for their retirement. Since it was introduced in 2012, the proportion of employees with a workplace pension has rocketed from 55% to a huge 87% in 2019. The scheme was introduced to encourage retirement planning. The idea is to reduce the future burden of older … read more

Pension Limits Explained (And What to Do When You Reach Them)

Reading Time: 4 mins You pay into your pension every month – but did you know there’s a maximum amount each year you can put away? Or that there’s a lifetime limit? Here’s how pension limits work – and why paying into your pension as early as possible helps you build a large retirement fund. Annual and lifetime pension … read more

Pets: slash your pets costs

Reading Time: 10 mins How much do you think looking after your pets costs? You could be spending a lot more than you could possibly imagine. The latest figures from Tesco show that our canine companions cost almost £600 a year, and require more than 600 hours of care – compared to just over £330 and 340 hours for a … read more

Step-by-step guide to getting a stakeholder pension

Reading Time: 5 mins Due to often Stakeholder pensions offer a cheap, flexible, and easy way to build your retirement fund. But how do they work, and how do you choose the right one for you? This quick and easy guide outlines how to get a stakeholder pension that suits your retirement plans. What is a stakeholder pension? How … read more

21 brilliant ways to be poor

Reading Time: 10 mins Find out how to be poor. Don’t build up wealth. Don’t have a rich retirement. Make sure you are poor and anxious for the rest of your life. Here are great ways to do that!

Help for over-50s: how to save if you’re broke

Reading Time: 11 mins Saving when you’re broke and over 50 may seem impossible. You’re either still in work and trying to put whatever you can into your pension pot, or already drawing down from your pension for an income much lower than you’re used to. Having no savings and a small income, and knowing your retirement is coming … read more

How to be 30% richer in retirement without saving any more

Reading Time: 6 mins Do you suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol or Type 2 diabetes? Are you overweight? Do you want to be richer in retirement without having to save a penny extra while you’re working? You may have spent your life being nagged about your lifestyle, but finally – in retirement – it could make you … read more

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