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How to save on heating bills and in the home – Webinar Q&A

2nd Nov 2021

We recently hosted a free webinar with Money Magpie founder and CEO Jasmine Birtles to discuss ways to save money on your heating bills and around the home. We have all faced, and are likely to continue to face, greater financial pressures this winter, particularly after the rise of the energy price cap in October….

How to make money with an NFT (Non-Fungible Token)

2nd Nov 2021

Have you wondered how to make money with an NFT? You actually could do it. You don’t have to be a celebrity to make money with an NFT (although it does help). It’s hard to avoid the hype of Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFT’s as they’re referred to, with stars such as Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi…

How to make money as an angel investor

22nd Oct 2021

People who enjoy watching Dragon’s Den often ask themselves “how can I become an angel investor?’.Do I need to be a multi-millionaire like these guys? No, you don’t have to be that rich although you do need a decent amount of spare cash outside of your property and basic investments. If that is your situation…

Pensions: 53% of people think they will cease to exist

19th Oct 2021

Between March and July 2021, over 10,000 respondents across the UK took part in The Great British Retirement Survey 2021. Conducted by CoreData on behalf of pension provider Interactive Investor, the survey seeks to gain insight into the thoughts and opinions of both people who already receive their pensions, and those of working age who…

Got beetroot growing in the garden? Great Beetroot Soup Recipe

30th Sep 2021

If you have beetroot growing in your garden this is great money saving recipe – Try my beetroot leaf soup. I sadly don’t so I bought raw beetroots at the market this weekend (I love grated beetroot and carrot in salads). They came complete with long stalks and leaves. I was about to cut off…

21 lazy ways to save money on everything

30th Sep 2021

Feeling lazy? We are all looking for ways to save money, but sometimes saving little and often can make a just as much difference to your bank balance than single lump sums. There are hundreds of ways to save pennies every single day, and the best part is, most of them require little to no…

5 ways to make money from empty Gin bottles

28th Sep 2021

With the British guzzling 75 million bottles of the juniper-based drink every year, Gin is well on its way to being an island favourite. But going through all those bottles means a lot of recycling, but instead of filling the bin, some creative people have been using their empties to make beautiful home accessories. Getting fully on…

Cryptocurrency: how to protect your pockets from rising number of crypto criminals

14th Sep 2021

It is Take Five Week (13-17 September), and Take Five to Stop Fraud is warning people to protect themselves against cryptocurrency investment scams perpetrated against unsuspicious would-be investors. We know that criminals are always looking for the next lucrative opportunity and search trend analysis, conducted for the Take Five campaign, shows there has been a…

Level up your savings and earn £10 with Chip!

10th Sep 2021

For some of us, our savings are looking a little bleak. No matter how hard we try to build up our wealth, our savings account remains stagnant. But getting serious about your money can seem daunting, and it may feel futile. Luckily, there is a helpful solution available. Enter Chip. Chip is the savings account…

The Big Exchange: the easy way to get into ‘impact investing’

10th Sep 2021

Are you keen to get into impact investing? That’s where you invest in companies that have a provably positive effect on the climate or on humanity generally. It’s something that people who are concerned about climate change, child poverty, health issues and more aim to do. In fact, there’s been a surge in people looking…

How to make money on Snapchat

8th Sep 2021

While you may think Snapchat is something that your kids do, or just another teenage fad soon to die away, in reality it can be a great money making opportunity for people of all ages with very little work and a lack of competition…for now. Most brands and businesses aren’t utilising Snapchat’s potential yet, so…

Make money selling personalised items

6th Sep 2021

We have all personalised products in our time. Whether you wrote your name all over your notebooks when you were younger, or put stickers on your backpack, we have all done it. But even today, personalised items are immensely popular amongst adults and youngsters alike. Coffee mugs and water bottles personalised with names are growing…