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5 smart ways of investing when inflation is high

30th May 2022

When inflation continues to rise, it’s a situation that makes investing quite tricky. Here are some ideas of ways to invest to hopefully match or beat it.

Shoestring Cottage: How to save money in the garden

27th May 2022

Welcome to the Frugal Column, where I aim to inspire you to live your best life without breaking the bank. You can follow my award-winning blog Shoestring Cottage and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. This month I am looking at ways to save money in the garden. This month we officially hit…

The Best Ways to invest with minimal output

24th May 2022

Invest with minimal output. Investing can be a great way to make your money work for you. But how do you do it? And can you afford to do it? One of the biggest myths about investing is that you have to be rich in order to even start. In reality, you can start investing…

A complete beginner’s guide to alternative investments and art investing

17th May 2022

Here’s a complete beginner’s guide to alternative investments like art. Showing you other ways to invest outside of stocks, shares, and bonds.

How to make money from bullet journals

16th May 2022

Bullet journals have gained major popularity in recent years, replacing the classic journal, notebook and diary, combining them into one. Thanks to social media, more people than ever are using bullet journals to express their creativity, meticulously plan the day, week and month ahead, as well on reflect on them. You may see a bullet…

Save money by sharing

12th May 2022

Can you really save money by sharing? Sharing is a fundamental social tool we learn from a young age. We are taught to share our toys, play nicely and help others. For many, this ethos carries over into our adult life. Here at MoneyMagpie, we believe sharing is something we should all do, especially in…

Webinar Summary: Where investors should put their money

10th May 2022

We recently hosted a webinar, presented by our founder Jasmine Birtles, all about where investors should be putting their money right now! With special guests Sam North and Ben Laidler, investment specialists from our kind sponsor eToro, Gordon Kerr from Cobden Partners, MoneyMagpie’s Investment Editor George Sweeney, who joins us from sunny Costa Rica! Investment…

How to create an account and buy shares with eToro

6th May 2022

Here’s a complete explanation of the eToro multi-asset investment platform with a step-by-step guide on how to open an account and buy shares.

Furniture Poverty and where to get free stuff

6th May 2022

Furniture poverty (which includes being unable to afford anything from beds and sofas to white goods) is a genuine problem in the UK, with many prices inaccessible to those on a low income or in financial dire straits. Being in a state of furniture poverty has proven physical, emotional, social, and financial consequences. Not being…

How to easily invest in the commodities boom

6th May 2022

If you’re looking to invest in commodities, we’ve got you covered. Here are all the basics you need to know about commodity investing.

How to find the best investment trusts for income

6th May 2022

If you’re searching for the best investment trusts that provide income, here are some important things you should know. And, ways to find top investments.

Make and save money with a caravan

3rd May 2022

Caravan holidays offer a huge range of benefits. If you’ve ever used a caravan or mobile home, you will be aware of the enjoyment they can bring. They’re undoubtedly more comfortable than a tent or shared hostel and far less restrictive than a hotel room or rented holiday home. Plus, campervan/caravan holidays are all the rage…