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6 professions desperate for workers

1st Apr 2020

A huge number of people face unemployment thanks to coronavirus. But don’t panic: some industries are desperate for workers! If you’ve recently lost your job, or think your current job is at risk, consider taking a career shift and trying something new. Here are 7 professions you should consider if you’re looking for a change:…

Growing your own fruit and vegetables

20th Mar 2020

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is not only a great outdoor activity for you and your family. It also helps you avoid the genetic modification and chemical pesticides often used industrially. You’ll also reduce your carbon footprint. Many of the fruits and vegetables available for purchase in supermarkets are imported and then shipped around…

Healthy, wealthy and stealthy: Why your next month needs to be meat-free

20th Mar 2020

Have you ever thought you could go meat-free if only for a while? The number of vegans and vegetarians is on the increase as more people are becoming aware of the massive benefits this lifestyle change can bring. Unsure if you’ve got the staying power to go meat-free? See if you can join celebrities like…

Make Money Buying and Selling Second-Hand Watches

19th Mar 2020

Like a bargain? Excited by the idea of buying and selling collectable antiques? Already enjoy browsing specialist forums and scouring eBay? Then buying and selling second-hand watches could be for you. We’re going to give you a shortlist of the most important things you need to know about buying and selling second-hand watches. Then we’re…

Make money being nosey

13th Mar 2020

Wouldn’t it be amazing to make money being nosey? Well – you can. So it’s time to put your natural curiosity to use. To get you started, here’re five funky ways of topping up the piggy bank. Write to magazines Be a journalist Be a private eye Become a competitive-intelligence researcher Ask others how they…

How to overcome long-term unemployment

1st Mar 2020

Being a victim of long term unemployment can make you lose confidence in yourself. The longer your unemployment continues the harder it seems to be to break out of. As the gap on your CV between jobs widens, it can make us even more desperate to find work. If you’re stuck in a job-seeking rut,…

5 ways to make money with your pet

20th Feb 2020

Have you ever looked at your pet and just wished they could contribute to the household income in one way or another? Let’s be honest, our dogs and cats have it made. We fuss them, feed them, and clean up after them. But having pets is expensive, all that pet food, vet visits, toys, accessories…

How to sell your gold

20th Feb 2020

Want to sell your gold? You don’t need to have solid bars of bullion lying around in order to make a profit, just items you no longer need that could be sold. There are companies out there who are more than happy to pay cash for your unused gold jewellery. They will even pay you for silver…

Best money-saving fashion websites

20th Feb 2020

Always on the hunt for a bargain? Good – we’ve put together a guide that’s packed with money-saving fashion websites to help you stay stylish on a budget. We’ll show you how to hunt down the latest sample sales, where to snap up fashion freebies, and where to find the best places for vintage bargains….

Make money by selling your used tights online

15th Feb 2020

Used tights? You may wonder whether there’s perhaps a mistake in the title. We assure you there isn’t – you really can make money selling the tights and stockings you no longer need. Whether your job requires you to wear tights or you simply like wearing skirts and dresses in cold weather, you probably have…

How to make money sewing

13th Feb 2020

Enjoy spending your evenings crafting beautiful fabric creations? Well, why not use your sewing skills to make some extra cash? Not only will this allow you to practice and perfect your craft, but it could also be a great way to earn a living from home. Here are a few ways you can make money…

How to give generous gifts without spending loads

13th Feb 2020

We all have that one month in a year that is just impossibly full of important birthdays that require gifts. For many of us, it also happens to fall over the festive season, which means we have a double gifting load. Well, the good news is you don’t actually need to dig yourself into a…