5 easy steps to plan a comfortable retirement

Reading Time: 9 mins Planning for retirement can seem like a daunting prospect with so much to consider. But building up a nest egg needn’t be an unnecessary stress whatever your age. Here are some tips for putting your money to work wisely and future-proofing your savings with easy and safe investments as well as tips for your timeline.  … read more

DIY investing vs using a Financial Advisor: Which is better?

Reading Time: 12 mins Should you try DIY investing or use a financial advisor? Knowing whether to try DIY investing or use a financial advisor can be a crucial barrier to even beginning to look at doing something with your money. And with the rise of people dipping their toe in the investment waters during the pandemic there is … read more

Why you must say no to vaccine passports

Yes seriously, vaccine passports (or digital passports) could destroy your life. They could stop you doing normal day-to-day activities, make you lose your money, stop you getting health insurance and certainly curtail your ability to travel, get work and enjoy the freedom that is your right. Vaccine passports are not just about Covid, or even … read more

Revamp your Wardrobe for Under a Tenner!

Reading Time: 7 mins As lockdown looks set to be eased, many of us are turning our minds to what we might wear when we’re allowed out again. The temptation  to buy lots of new clothes might be strong, but you can look good without breaking the bank. With that in mind, we’ve put together some fantastic ways for … read more

Your Budgeting Checklist

Reading Time: 8 mins Trying to get on top of your overall expenses means it’s easy to forget the little costs along the way. This budgeting checklist will help you break down your expenses into chunks, so that you can make a realistic household budget – and see where you can save. Why Budget? Household Bills Subscriptions and Memberships … read more

Help! I’m over 55 and in debt

Reading Time: 8 mins Are you over 55 and in debt? Are you worried you’ll retire before your debts are cleared? You’re not alone. Almost half of over 55s are struggling to clear debts before retirement, according to a survey by the Debt Advisory Centre. Fortunately there are steps you can take to clear your debts in time. Read … read more

10 top pieces of investment advice from the third-richest man in the world

Reading Time: 5 mins I’m a big fan of Warren Buffett and not just because, as the fourth richest man in the world, he’s worth $64.5 billion…yes billion! And he’s done it all through investing. He’s a brilliant thinker and a very witty nonagenarian who is still investing and avidly followed by the rest of the world. For example, … read more

How to Save on Your Pet Expenses

Reading Time: 7 mins Who doesn’t love spending time with their furry friends? But, pet expenses can soon add up, whether you have one cat or a herd of animals. Lockdown has led to a lot more people getting pets, many of whom have not encountered these costs before. With that in mind, we’ve outlined some of the best … read more

Make Money from Your Appearance

Reading Time: 6 mins Whether you like it or not, our looks take up a lot of our time and energy. Rather than see this as a drain on your finances, why not make money from your appearance instead? Don’t worry, you don’t have to have model looks to be able to make money from your appearance. Although, modelling … read more

Discounts and freebies for fabulous city living on a budget

Reading Time: 7 mins Life in the city is packed with fabulous possibilities: from eating and drinking, to shopping and world-class entertainment. The trouble is that making the most of all the opportunities on offer can take its toll on your bank balance. Fortunately, we have put together a guide to fabulous city living on a budget. There are … read more

Invest in Yourself for a Better Financial Future

Reading Time: 6 mins It may seem counter intuitive, but sometimes you really do have to spend money to make money. It’s important to invest in yourself to boost your future financial success. Whether you want to start investing your cash into ISAs, squirrel away some funds into a pension packet, or try a new skill, then we’ve got … read more

Working abroad After Brexit: Visas and Taxes Explained

Reading Time: 7 mins Working abroad after Brexit will change now that the UK has left the European Union. There are currently three quarters of a million British expats living in the EU. You may still be interested in joining the near one million Brits in the EU despite Brexit. But before you jet off to seek another lifestyle, you’ll need … read more

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