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    Hi Claire,

    Sorry to hear you’re struggling to get in touch with them. I don’t have any contacts that I could get in touch with; however, the questions you want to ask them are the sort that they will make sure to communicate with customers if and when such a merger happens.

    Rumours of mergers can take ages to actually come to fruition (if ever at all), so it can feel like ages before you get any details as a customer. However, legally, they do have to provide you with information once contracts etc are signed for a merger to go ahead – so you won’t be left behind wondering what’s happening. They’ll write to all of their customers, at least by email and/or text, and usually in a letter as well, because they must notify people of any changes to their contracts (i.e., who their provider is/changes of name etc).

    So, while I can’t help directly, I can say not to worry – the merger was confirmed in May 2020, but the paperwork and actually getting it sorted can take a very long time to sort out. As a customer, they’ll definitely get in touch when all the details are clear!

    in reply to: Furloughing Employees #150927

    Hi Mark,

    NMW doesn’t apply to furloughed workers, unless they are still undertaking training while furloughed (but they can’t do anything that provides a direct service to your business). So, 80% of their wage may take them below NMW but this is legal.

    You’ll need to add separate pay periods together when you apply for the scheme. So, NMW workers furloughed in March will have one pay period on the old rate, and subsequent pay periods from April on the new rate.

    Hope that helps!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)